About CAKE

What is AVEN CAKE?

AVEN is shaping up to have the biggest and best ace unconference ever. On Saturday we’ll have a full-fledged conference in New York City with the major leaders of the Ace Movement and a day full of workshops on everything from improving mental health services for aces to aces in popular television. Then on Saturday night, anyone who wants to can join us for the Ace Prom!

What’s an Unconference?

An unconference is an event where the participants set the agenda. When the day begins we will have a big, blank agenda. Anyone will be able to discuss topics that they would like the Ace community to discuss, from gender in the ace community to sexual allies to aces in popular media. You don’t need to have anything prepared to lead a session. Just have a topic around which you are interested in facilitating a discussion.

What is Ace Prom?

[We have no idea. We’re working on it. Sounds cool, though, doesn’t it?]

Sounds fun! Can I come?

Sure! Head on over to the Tickets page to buy your ticket. It’s only $[15], and your lunch is included!


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